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How The Team Can Help

The team offers support services for your patients through Alnylam Case Managers and Patient Education Liaisons (PELs). The team also includes Field Reimbursement Managers, who provide education on the reimbursement process to the patient’s healthcare team.

Alnylam Case Managers


Case Managers are trained professionals who can help your patients start on treatment with an Alnylam product and provide product support, including:

  • Insurance benefit verification and connecting your office with a Field Reimbursement Director
  • Financial assistance enrollment for eligible patients*
  • Help ordering product
  • Connecting patients with a Patient Education Liaison (PEL)

Patients must meet specified eligibility criteria to qualify for assistance. Alnylam reserves the right to make eligibility determinations and to modify or discontinue any program at any time.

Alnylam Patient Education Liaisons


Patient Education Liaisons (PELs) are professionals with backgrounds in nursing who are experienced in educating patients and their families. PELs support patients and their families in a number of ways:

  • Engaging patients and families with educational resources
  • Answering questions about disease education and treatment with Alnylam products
  • Providing customized education, including one-on-one education or family meetings
  • The purpose of Alnylam Patient Education Liaisons (PELs) is to provide education to patients, their families, and caregivers
  • PELs are employees of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and do not provide medical advice
  • All diagnosis and treatment decisions should be made by the treating physician and their patients

Alnylam Field Reimbursement Directors



Field Reimbursement Directors (FRDs) are experienced professionals who provide education on the reimbursement process. They provide education to the patient's healthcare team on:

  • General product billing and coding requirements
  • Payer requirements for product coverage
  • Prior authorization, claims, and appeals processes




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