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Alnylam Assist™ offers personalized, comprehensive support for patients throughout treatment with Alnylam products.
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About Alnylam Assist™

Alnylam Assist® - Introduction Video

Watch the video above to learn about Alnylam Assist™, a personalized support program that provides patients and healthcare professionals with the information and resources they may need.

How We Can Help You and Your Family

Alnylam Assist™ is committed to providing personalized support throughout treatment with Alnylam products. The program includes patient services and support in 3 key areas:

Alnylam Assist® - Understanding Your Benefits

Understanding Insurance Benefits

Alnylam Assist® - Financial Assistance Options

Financial Assistance Options

Alnylam Assist® - Disease And Treatment Education

Disease and Treatment Education

I feel very passionate about healthcare. It’s my way to contribute to society in a positive way.


Theari, Case Manager

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