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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Alnylam Assist™?

Alnylam Assist™ includes Case Managers, Patient Education Liaisons, and Field Reimbursement Directors who provide support to patients prescribed Alnylam therapies. This support includes: verification of insurance benefits, coverage and reimbursement education, financial assistance support for eligible patients, and disease and product education. Each member of our team is assigned to specific geographic regions to work with patients, their caregivers, healthcare providers, and insurance companies, to support patients throughout treatment on OXLUMO® (lumasiran).

How do I enroll my patient in the Alnylam Assist™ program?

There are 3 ways to enroll your patient:

  1. Complete the electronic Start Form

    You will receive an auto-generated confirmation after submission to let you know we have received the Start Form and are initiating support services

    You and your patient will each receive a phone call from their Alnylam Case Manager within 2 business days of receipt

  2. Download the writable PDF version and fax the completed Start Form to Alnylam Assist at 833-256-2747

    You and your patient will receive a phone call from an Alnylam Case Manager within 2 business days of receipt

  3. Begin filling out the DocuSign form and DocuSign will send the form to your patient to complete

    Once you have finished your portion of the Start Form and provided an eSignature, it will be emailed to your patient so he or she can verify the information and fill out any remaining fields

    Both you and your patient will receive notification via email when the completed Start Form has been submitted to Alnylam Assist™

    An Alnylam Case Manager dedicated to your patient’s needs will reach out to you and your patient within 2 business days of receiving the completed Start Form

    For help submitting the DocuSign form, download our DocuSign Instructions.
    See how to enroll your patients ›

Where can I find more materials about OXLUMO and Alnylam Assist™?

Support and educational materials about OXLUMO and Alnylam Assist™ can be found on this site. See additional materials ›

What support services does Alnylam Assist™ provide?

Alnylam Assist™ provides patients with product support services, including:

Benefit verification for OXLUMO

Education on the prior authorizations, claims, and appeals processes

Financial assistance program enrollment for eligible patients*

Information about PH1 and treatment with OXLUMO

Ordering Product

Get more information about patient services ›

*Patients must meet specified eligibility criteria to qualify for assistance. Alnylam reserves the right to make eligibility determinations and to modify or discontinue any program at any time.

Who makes up the Alnylam Assist™ team?

Case Managers are experienced in helping individuals get started on treatment and providing ongoing support. They will tailor their method of communication based on each individual's personal needs. Here’s how Case Managers provide additional patient support ›

Field Reimbursement Directors (FRDs) provide education about coverage, coding, and reimbursement for OXLUMO®. FRDs are knowledgeable about OXLUMO billing and coding requirements. Here’s more information about the FRD role ›

Patient Education Liaisons (PELs) have backgrounds in nursing and are experienced in educating individuals and their families about matters related to primary hyperoxaluria type 1. PELs can help patients in a variety of ways, including providing disease and product education, connecting patients to additional resources, and answering questions about treatment with OXLUMO. PELs are employees of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and do not provide medical advice. Get acquainted with members of the PEL team ›

The purpose of Alnylam Patient Education Liaisons (PELs) is to provide education to patients, their families, and caregivers

PELs are employees of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and do not provide medical advice

All diagnosis and treatment decisions should be made by the treating physician and their patients

Enrolling Your Patients

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Electronic Start Form

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Alnylam Assist® Start Form - To Print And Fax

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Initiate then send to patient
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Adverse Reactions
The most common (≥20%) adverse reaction reported in patients treated with OXLUMO was injection site reaction. Injection site reactions included erythema, swelling, pain, hematoma, pruritus, and discoloration.

Pregnancy and Lactation
No data are available on the use of OXLUMO in pregnant women. No data are available on the presence of OXLUMO in human milk or its effects on breastfed infants or milk production. Consider the developmental and health benefits of breastfeeding along with the mother’s clinical need for OXLUMO and any potential adverse effects on the breastfed child from OXLUMO or the underlying maternal condition.


OXLUMO® (lumasiran) is indicated for the treatment of primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1) to lower urinary and plasma oxalate levels in children and adults.

For additional information about OXLUMO, please see the full Prescribing Information.